Looking for clarity with the right touch of humor? Ken specializes in finding common ground between the audience and a variety of topics to make the subject matter exciting and understandable. Ken routinely speaks on brand strategy, user experience strategy, web analytics, web culture and social media.

“Ken is the most effective Web 2.0 presenter I have ever seen. His grasp of how the web has evolved and what is coming down the pipe is thorough and thought-provoking. But Ken’s real mastery is in his delivery, as he is very entertaining and can easily get his points across to anyone regardless of their level of expertise with the Internet.”
-Jason Bingo

Enterprise Marketing at Dell

“I was responsible for coordinating an event for senior management at Progressive, including recruiting several speakers to entertain and inform the audience. Ken was one of those who volunteered. He was witty, entertaining and informative, presenting a topic that reflected his area of expertise, which he made interesting to this audience from all parts of the company. As the event sponsor, I was very pleased that Ken stepped up, and in fact he was one of the best presenters of the conference.”
-Jeff Geroux

General Manager, Progressive Insurance

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